Monday, February 16, 2015

First milestone for STR5 - parts primed

Last night primed many parts of to be STR5 model. Run out of Tamiya grey primer, so had to try 2 other alternatives, I have. First is Plasticote, which I have to spray from the can and only onto big parts, like floor and engine cover. Another primer I have is (relatively) new Alclad grey primer/filler. I don't have much success using cans, but with Plasticote, I can put quite a bit of primer on, and it still dries relatively thin. Alclad primer is well mixed and just about perfect viscosity to use with air brush. It smells somewhat familiar. May be like Zero 2K primer I like, not sure. Both alternative primers seems to take a lot longer to dry, though. While Tamiya primer has basically cured by now, others still smell after over 12 hours in paint booth with running fan. Hopefully I will not have troubles later painting over different types of primers.

Anyway, significance of this step is that it signifies completion of surface preparation steps (which I like the least in the build) and readiness of model parts for final colours. Following steps are usually more fun for me.

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  1. Never knew about the Alclad primer i may have to look into that.