Monday, June 22, 2015

Another FIA GT racer - Mercedes CLK-GTR 1997

At the time I was building F1-GTR race car from FIA GT 1997 championship, I've conceived an idea of building another FIA GT racer from same year. I've always liked Mercedes CLK-GTR car and Tamiya kit is a fantastic base. So. while some of my Formula1 builds take a back seat, I've started CLK-GTR model build. Plan is to build it OOB, may be only using Studio27 PE set for some extra details. I have not firmly decided which livery I will build yet. I have 3 kits in total. One I want to build fully detailed in either 1998 livery or as 1997 champion D2 livered car. That means for this OOB build I will likely do car #10, which had it's own unique livery. If I had decals, I would have built Sportswear car, but decals are missing in my copy of that kit.

Haven't done a lot on it so far. Just separated most of the parts from trees, cleaned them up and started test fit assembly. Next I will glue together parts, for which seams will have to be filled and use epoxy putty to fill some big empty cavities, Tamiya left in exhausts and canisters. Then parts will be off to priming.

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