Friday, June 19, 2015

New adventure - first ever street car model: Ferrari F12

Started a new build. It is going to be my first street car build. So, new venue and new adventure for me. Spent two nights so far, exclusively dedicated to F12. Detached and cleaned most of the parts from trees and did my typical test fit assembly. Overall fit is fine, not as perfect as in Tamyia kits, but still pretty good. Parts layout and split is reasonable with exception of seats and some other interior trim parts. Many are molded together. Painting of them will be a challenge and might stall progress at some point, as I hate cockpit/interior detailing regardless. In fact some of my (almost) finished F1 models, still have not yet detailed steering wheels.

I love the shape of this car. Don't know what it is, but it inspires me. 599xx was one that inspired me at some point, but I didn't start a resin APM kit, I've got. Plastic F12 kit is easy to start and progress in contrast.

Here are first photos of mock up test assmebly.

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