Friday, January 8, 2016

How can I do many builds in parallel

Main reason I can work on multiple builds in parallel is that I have enough space. My work table is a big table from Ikea. Plus I have space on 2 smaller extra tables. All (well, most) of my started builds don't go further then hand reach and I can pick any of them and put it back into my working area basically any time. When I get tired or blocked on some build, I put parts into ziplock bags and put those back into kit's box. Then I put that box aside and reach for different one from those waiting around. Exception are the parts already mounted for painting. Those I cannot put back into boxes and they stay around inserted into styrofoam blocks.

It might feel and look strange for others, but for me it works best when I can jump to another build quickly, when I am tired of or blocked on current build. That keeps my motivation going. And when I get an extra motivation from one build, other builds benefit as well. I guess it leads to longer time to finish each single build, but my over all output is likely the same over time. By my nature I cannot stay on one single build too long.

Here are some photos of my work place where one could see all my current in progress builds. Most of them anyway :)

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