Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Work continues on F2008

Lots of time spent over holidays on this build, but not much to show for it. Worked on preparation of parts and improving fit. Number of hours was spent on body panels' fit - bending, sanding, shaving and test fitting again and again. I feel that it is better now, even though on photos it might not be obvious. It will be important when everything is painted, decals are applied and final assembly commences.

Next spent 3 hours trying to get right barge board to correct shape. Yet it wouldn't fit in place. After 3 hours I've decided to compare it to the left one and realized that connection point pin is about 1.5mm too much forward. No wonder it wouldn't want to fit. But 3 hours were already lost :( Corrected connection pin last night and it fits fine now. Also started assembly steps I could do before primer and paint. Assembled diffuser components, nose parts and adding different PE items at present. I naively hoped to get primer on during holidays, but there is a whole lot more work on it before it is ready for primer.

Quick photo of parts I am working on just to show at least something.


  1. Nice to see the bench was cleaned of the McLaren. Look forward to seeing the assembly stage..

    1. McLaren was just put aside, no further then hand reach. And I'm sure I will work on it more soon in parallel to F2008 build. I also have to return to FW16B. MP4/6 and 917LH builds at some points in time.