Saturday, November 26, 2016

Assembly started for CLK-GTR

After long hiatus, this model finally made it back to my modeling table and I've started first assemblies on it. In the mean time clear coat was put onto body shell and I've brush painted details on various parts. I am pretty much following sequence from kit instructions. First assembly was engine, gearbox and rear suspension parts. No major issues. There were small fitting problems that I worked out with a bit of sanding. Next was front suspension. Attached dumpers/rockers to the top of front structure, then installed PE faces to radiators and put them in as well. Then I switched to cockpit assembly. Put in all the items, except for driver seat. Still need to complete seat belts, before I could install it. Added some items to dashboard too. That was as far as I could go with assembly before I got blocked by missing decals. So, I switched to decal application. Most of decals for internals are applied, but I need to decided, if I will put any kind of clear coat over them to hide silvering. Decals look fine over SG black in direct view, but at the angles decal film could be seen. After internal decals were done, I've started application on main livery decals. Kit is 16 years old and I've got 2 of them. 1 set of decals is in good shape, another is not really usable. So, I am using better one. Decals are going on fine. Just need warmer water to get them off the backing paper. I've chosen car number 10, becasue I plan to do championship winning car 11 fully detailed. And I think liver for #10 car is more rare.


  1. Looks great...are you going to have the rear cover removable?

  2. Hey Sergey are these the Tamiya decals you are using or have you gone with Shunko or similar?

    1. I have two sets of Tamiya decals, which I mix and match using best of two sets. Shunko decals can still be ordered from HLJ. I've got my set, which was out of stock, but HLJ restocked it relatively quick.

  3. Thanks for that, i may look at buying the Shunko as not sure on the quality of my Tamiya sheet.