Saturday, November 5, 2016

Lotus 88 USA 1981 Elio De Angelis started.

With 3 models out of my pipeline recently, I can start couple of new builds. Most exciting at present is Ebbro Lotus 88. I've selected a Blue Essex car for my build. Just started it last night. At present I am in process of cutting off and preparing parts. Then I will do test fit assembly. So far impressions with fit and quality are positive. 2 light grey part trees seem to be made from softer type of plastic. It feels different to familiar hard plastics of Tamiya and Fujimi models. Hopefully no loaded parts in the model are made form this softer plastic. Black parts seem to be stronger. Haven't touched body panels yet, which are made in blue plastic.

Below is a quick shot of my work table. Quite a bit more work is needed to get parts ready for primer.

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