Monday, December 12, 2016

Primed parts

I have reached important for me milestone in this build. Mounted and primed all the parts. Took about 4 hours to mount all those parts for painting. Fortunately most of them I was able to mount using 3M mounting tape and it was not difficult. Only relatively small number of tiny parts and pipes needed to be super glued to toothpicks and thin wires.

This is a milestone step for me in any build, because from that point all future tasks are much more fun to do, compare to preparation steps. Also remaining steps are easier and feel more productive to me. It's just a feeling, but progress really becomes more visible and appreciative from this point.

Quick shot of parts drying inside my paint booth under outgoing flow of air. In 48 hours I will start applying colors. That's fun I am looking forward to.

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