Thursday, January 12, 2017

Engine wiring

Worked on the "wiring" for engine last week. Fuel lines look a bit too big, but it was the smallest lines available in my parts box at present. I will likely need to tie up ignition wires to simulate look on real car. Also need to work on my dry brushing skills, as logos on valve covers do not look great.

For this model I've decided to route some houses between oil reservoirs, radiators, gearbox and fuel tank, according to instructions from 1/20 MFH kit of the same car. Not much I could figure out from reference photos I have in my possession. It will be pretty much first time I do that, so results will likely be far from perfect.

Couple of shots of the engine in current state.


  1. Looks great i love a Cosworth V8. I think you have answered the question, the fuel lines are not included you have added these? How does the engine compare to a Tamiya one?

    1. No wires or fuel lines are included in the kit. And no hoses at all. DFV is similar to Tamiya. But I like that accessories are separate parts on Tamiya's. Easier to paint and a bit more accurate, imho.

    2. Thank you for that, i have a few old Cosworths so if i do get this kit i may look at substituting one...