Thursday, June 14, 2012

SimilR kits

Received my first 2 SimilR kits. It's probably only 3rd time over many years when package box was crashed during shipping, but only 2nd time when kit parts were actually damaged. From the look of the package I've expected the worst. However Pescarolo kit pretty much escaped any damage, except slightly bent decals and instructions. Ford GT1 is the one which suffered quite a bit more. Beside bent decals, instructions and PE fret, there are number of broken parts and 4 out of 6 part trees are slightly bent as well. But overall considering the look of crashed boxes, it's amazing how little actual damage was sustained. Loose packaging of plastic kits and the fact that SimilR's plastic is somewhat soft and less brittle are probably the factors that helped kits survive such abuse. I expect those kits to be buildable pretty much as normal, but parts will have to be repaired and fit will most likely be quite a bit worse compare to undamaged copies. While it helped against the crash forces, soft nature of plastic SimilR is using could lead to fit issues but itself. In my case it'll be compounded by damage from the crash. Well ... nothing I could do except attempt to fix whatever issues arise in process of building these.

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