Wednesday, August 1, 2012

F2007 is ready for assembly

I've finally get my motivation back and returned to Fujimi F2007 build. Hiatus of this build was mostly caused by my fear of rear wing assembly. I subconsciously knew it's not going to end happily. After glue settled and all weights removed it still remained a bit skewed and not 100% straight. Overall better then I've feared though. Then I've applied all remaining decals. Used decals from F60 kit to represent body fasteners. They look acceptable, imho.

Well, it's not going to win any contest, but there is always next model and a hope that next one will be better.

First side view before final assembly push.

Next, engine cover with fasteners simulated by decals and attached winglets.

Nose cone and top camera with decals applied

Finally different angles of rear wing. Last pictures clearly shows tilt to the right.

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