Wednesday, October 24, 2012

RB7's assembly continues

Installed radiator's PE, CF'ed cockpit walls, dashboard and seat into main body shell. Made and installed pull rods to rear suspension. Put together permanently front and rear suspensions. And finally attached body and gearbox to the floor. Alignment of the front suspension is a bit better. Hopefully car will stand on all 4 tires in the end. Tires are ready as well by now. Wings are next to be assembled and installed.

One more modification I had to make was to saw about 0.5mm from hubs on the rear uprights. That changes the "offset" and allows rear wheels to sear deeper. This way it looks more like real car. Using kit parts as is would have put rear wheels too much out and left visible gap between rims and edges of uprights. I still have small gap, but it's quite a bit smaller, then it was before my mod. Just realized, that this mod reduces space available to fit brake components. Hopefully they'll still fit.

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