Friday, October 5, 2012

RB7's wing elements

Work continues. Tackled decals on wings. No issues with decals for rear wing elements. But as expected "Red Bull" decal, which is split between 3 front wing planes was the most problematic. DTM provided 2 sets of mentioned decals and that's a big help. On rear car flaps overlap, so are the decals. I've used lower part of one set for main flap and top part for top flap. Another set of decals I've used for middle flap. To align lower and middle decals correctly, I've used simple jig from 2 silicone blocks and wing elements, pictured below. However to align top flap mock up wasn't enough. I had to assemble wing elements. I've used small drops of epoxy glue to hold rest of the parts together, while I was mocking up position of top flap and positioning decals. I still did not get perfect alignment, but I think I've got decent one.

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