Thursday, November 14, 2013

Preps continue for F1-GTR

Moving ahead with this one. Here are results from last night.

First I've competed preparations and test fit dry assembly for front section. Everything fits well.

Next, I've reshaped roll cage to fit correctly onto chassis and dashboard. This metal part was deformed while in packaging and shipping, but white metal is easy to re-shape.

Next was time to prepare and fit the roof. Re-drilled all holes for screws and did a little adjustments as needed. Fit is pretty good

At the end of this session I couldn't resist and worked on body parts' preparation and test fitting. Finished by dry assembly of all body panels. Fit is not perfect and would be probably not considered great for plastic kit. But for MM kit it is reasonable. In this form it really does look like F1-GTR.

I'm not 100% done with preparations and clean up for body panels. Rear window cover is the worst part. I was deformed in package and requires a lot of adjustment to fit right. More clean up and re-drilling also needed to front body section. Doors are also major concern. Top sections of doors are not curved enough to get proper fit. There are magnets which supposed to hold them in place when closed. I hope it'll be enough. Otherwise when doors are closed their bottom sections will stick out. I'll try magnets early while still in test assembly phase and if they don't work will have to come up with different solution.
Will continue on weekend, hopefully.

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  1. Nice work do far, I've never done a MM build so enjoying your WIP.