Monday, November 11, 2013

Started MFH F1-GTR build

I've finally started my first full detail MFH kit - F1-GTR short tail. I'm a big fan of McLaren F1 car and especially its racing version F1-GTR. So, I was hugely excited when MFH announced full detail kit of it. I've converted my excitement into motivation and was able to overcome my reservations towards full detail MFH kits. Spent about 10 hours over the weekend. It's hard to stop working on it, so I got to early morning hours Saturday, before I could take a break for sleep. Not much progress so far. Lots and lots of preparation work needed before I could put first layers of primer onto parts. Fit of parts is pretty good so far. But many metal parts require a bit of reshaping and most need little bit of clean up. Nothing major, there is just a lot of parts to go over. Also a lot of holes to drill out. It is typical multi-media kit, so past experience working with such is a big plus. I'm going to use similar approach to this build as I've used to curbside kits in the past. First go over all parts and do needed adjustments and preparations, while performing test assembly. Next get primer on all the parts to be painted and protect bare metal parts with transparent metal primer. Next group parts by colors and paint in batches. Next clear coat before decals, decal application and final clear coat. Next detail painting and then off to assembly. That's the plan anyway. I usually test assemble whole MM kit, or as least most of it, where it is critical to test fit of parts. I've started with chassis and front suspension. Cleaned up parts, drilled holes and did small adjustments needed. All assembly is just dry mock up so far. Here are couple of photos. I haven't decided with livery I will use for this model, but there is plenty of work to complete, before that choice becomes critical.

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  1. This should be fun to watch. Good luck with it, will be taking a keen interest.