Monday, November 25, 2013

Some progress on P34

I've returned to this build after a while. My worst fears came true. Exhaust headers were huge P.I.T.A. They just didn't want to align properly. Big contrast to the exhaust from their recent Lotus 79 kit, which were easy to assemble and attach. I've spent an hour on left side and 2 more hours on right side headers. I've initially planned to putty seams, prime and then paint them. But I've changed my mind. I don't think it is worth my time to make them any better. I'm going to just shoot TS29 onto them and put them in place.

Also worked on radiators, rear suspension and details of rear firewall. Studio27 PE set includes front and rear faces for main radiators and oil radiator at the rear of the car. I've decided to skip faces for all the internal radiator surfaces, as they don't add much to appearance, if anything at all. I've only attached 2 external faces, which are visible from outside, as well as faces on rear oil radiator. Last, I've installed rear shock absorbers, rear of gearbox and attached pedals to floor.

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  1. Oh looking very nice and your build is making me think i should do one of mine...Keep it going.