Monday, December 9, 2013

First sub-assemblies for F1-GTR

More progress on this build. Had a pretty productive weekend. Ran magnetic tumbler last Friday for about 4 hours and got most of the parts cleaned. Only big parts remain to clean manually, because they wouldn't fit into tumbler. I've permanently assembled engine and gearbox parts, before painting. I was tempted to leave them as they came out of tumbler - shiny. But on real car engine is aluminium color and gearbox is steel color. So, will have to prime and paint these 2 sub-assemblies and other parts. After clean up number of imperfections appeared in metal parts. There are also imperfections in resin parts, I will have to fix. They cycle of priming/sanding/priming can take long time. So, it could be a while before next updates in this WIP appear.

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