Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Priming started for F1-GTR

Finally had a chance to start priming F1-GTR parts. Not much visual progress, but important step. For me priming usually signifies the end of part modifications and test assembly. There still be some filling and sanding done on body panels and some other parts, but many parts are ready for paining now. Semi-gloss black will be used the most as base for Carbon Fibre decals. And there is a lot of CF on this car. I've run out of Zero 2 part etching primer and will have to source some in local auto paints store. Hopefully they have some good quality 2 part etching primer available. Here are some short right from my paint booth while parts are still drying. Black'ish colour on chassis is just not steered properly primer. Rest of parts were sprayed later after I properly steered and mixed more primer.

1 comment:

  1. I always enjoy this stage as well, for me it is the transition to colour is coming. Keep up the hard work Sergey.