Monday, May 25, 2015

FW16B conversion started

This build was actually started last year, but I spent very little time working on it. Picked it back up and worked on it past Saturday night. So far got all parts from Fujimi donor kit cut off and cleaned up. Cleaned metal parts from Studio27 trans-kit. And then started temporary test fit assembly. Kit exhausts seem to be too long. I will have to shorten them. But first I need to find reference showing their configuration. Also have to come up with solution on how to fix front lower wishbone's location point. Need to bring it from nose bottom to the front bottom of monocoque.


  1. Looking good, you either have a large bench or you are very good at swapping the builds

  2. if possible i would like to buy this conversion kit from you. I will pay any price as i have been looking for it for over a year and require it for a diorama that i am making.
    Please email me