Sunday, July 26, 2015

917LH chassis almost done

With all parts beside body parts are painted and ready, I've started assembly on the chassis. Beside dashboard, pretty much everything else is assembled. Because all parts were plastic, I could use plastic glue and assembly went quite fast. Just couple of nights. Overall fit was good and no issues at all during assembly. However Fujimi's engineering and detail level are not at the Tamiya level. So, I was a bit disappointed with gaps, dummy panels non existing on real car and some visible pins left over after parts were put together. I guess experienced modeler doing detailed build would have addressed those shortcomings, but for me it's OOB project and I don't want to invest any extra time in detailing hidden later under curbside shell.

This build will be on hold for next 3 or 4 weeks, while I'm on vacation and also deciding what to do with the body. After TS13 was applied, TS30 layers look more like grey, then silver now. I might decide to put TS17 over and see if it looks better after clear.

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