Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Masked and painted Rothmans blue

Spent over 3 hours masking the body on weekend. Then sprayed matched Zero blue over. Removed masking yesterday. It came out ok, not perfect and quite a few small paint bleeds to be removed. Hoped for better outcome, but I think it's decent enough. Will attempt to remove paints bleeds and then will need to clear coat over Zero paint. Zero base paints might change quite a bit after clear is applied.

For masking I have employed techniques described in the f1m.com forums recently. I've made photo copies of decals and used Tamiya masking tape to make templates. Put tape over photo copy and cut it all to shape. Then removed paper and used templates for masking. All that left was to fill rest of surface to be masked out with pieces of masking tape left over from other masking jobs.

Here are photos of the process in chronological order.


  1. I think you got a great outcome with this one....Looks very good. Just wondering with the masking i understand the photocopy side etc but how are you removing the tape to be useful seeing it is stuck to the photocopy? Or am i having a real blonde moment here?

    1. Thank you. I always appreciate your positive comments. I've used Tamiya masking tape for this job and it peals fine from the paper. I had one spot where it was stuck, but managed to remove it with my nails. Another great quality of that masking tape is its transparency. I still could see decal graphics well. In f1m.com forum they've recommended to have 2 layers of masking tape and only use top one, as it would be easier to separate. However transparency is affected a bit by extra layer and from past experiences I knew Tamiya tape would separate fine.

    2. Well thank you for the lesson i shall try that next time...i was afraid of peeling all the paper and the tape is no good. In the past when i have been doing masking with a new colour i have either sprayed the original colour over the tape to help seal or of late i have used clear and allow it to tack off for 30 mins or so then the new colour. Keep up the hard work.