Sunday, July 12, 2015

Painting sessions for 917LH conv

After leaving this project in the background for few months, I have picked it up again. Spent some time preparing parts for primer. Then over last 2 weeks I have primed all parts, plastic parts with Tamiya grey, resin parts with Tamiya metal primer. Next parts were painted in all kinds of different colours according to my references and MFH's 917LH instructions. I could not find period references for this car's cockpit, so I based colours on what MFH suggested for their kits. It is also not easy to find period photos of inside body and colours of frame pipes. I've settled on fibre glass for internals of the body and on white aluminium for frame pipes. They look bright silver on photos and I had no other better match paint for them in my stock. For the body I have selected TS30. It seems to be a reasonably close match. Unfortunately I missed the fact the small front ducts were closed on #21 car and that delayed body painting. I'll have to paint body, when putty is dry and surface is prepared again. Beside body, almost all parts are painted by now. I will only need to do some detail painting on things like shocks, dashboard, steering wheel and brakes. Really looking forward to the moment when I will be able to start chassis assembly. I don't have photos of it, but chassis is painted in grey and aluminium and pretty much ready.

Below are some quick photos.

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