Wednesday, December 30, 2015

MP4/30 mid season build started

Received my copy on Ebbro MP4/30 kit and could not resist starting it. Kit is very basic and simple. I anticipate no issues with kit and hopefully can get it done relatively fast. Only 2 concerns to address. First is missing brake detail - no rotors, no calipers and no covers. I'll have to scratch build covers and use resin copies of rotors and calipers from another kit. Second is the choice of proper colour. Neither TS40 or TS14 seems to be correct. If I cannot find better match in my own stock, I will probably go with recommended TS40.

First step is traditional test fit assembly. Fit is very good on this kit.

Next step was to glue together as much parts as possible before paint. Assembled floor parts, upright details, gearbox and exhaust pipe. Then assembled all body parts into curbside shell. Kit does not have any engine at all. Next step will be putting seams and injection marks and preparing surfaces for primer.


  1. You cannot help yourself can you....Another build on the bench. I have seen the work Dan is doing on F1M and the kit looks great, with your attention to details I am sure this will be a winner.

  2. You are absolutely correct - I couldn't hold myself back. And you are right - building so many kits in parallel is somewhat counter productive. Every new started kits takes time away and slows down others. However my over all outcome from parallel builds is probably similar to what it would be from sequence of the same builds. I just cannot stay with one build for long. That's how it works for me. Jumping between parallel builds keeps my motivation and drive.

    Dan has done great job on his MP4/30 and done it very fast. I would be happy if I am able to finish mine in 4 months.

    Btw, what is your nick on f1m ? I appreciate all your comments, but it is somewhat difficult for me do proper replays on blosspot. Always have issues with replays there for one reason or another.

    1. Hi Sergey I am Shunter on F1M. You can relate to this post I did awhile back...

      Nothing wrong with multiple builds, it keeps me going.