Monday, April 4, 2016

2nd painting attempt on MP4/30

I thought I had a good handle on my painting techniques. But finish on MP4/30 was just too far from perfect. And as soon as I have touched it with sand paper, I've sanded through to primer in no time. So, it went into a bath of alcohol. Fortunately at least all wing parts were fine.

Spent quite a bit of time cleaning the body from old paint and then re-primed it. Primer didn't go on well. Probably I have not thinned it enough. Spent 3 hours sanding body. Looked ok, but require re-priming at some spots. 3rd attempt wasn't very successful once again. Had to sand and clean it after. However at least it was smooth and consistent enough and I was able to avoid 4th priming session on it.

After all that preparation work, body was finally ready for 2nd attempt on colour painting. This time I went with lighter coats and that worked better. Drying time was a bit of concern for this particular paint. Usually Zero paints dry in a day or two. It took almost a week for MP4/30 paint. Then this Saturday I sprayed clear onto body and other parts. Came out decent, but not without imperfections. Will have to do some polishing.

I am glad I did stick with Zero colour. As it often happens with Zero paints, colour changed a bit under clear and now it looks darker when it is not under direct light. Yet it still looks quite grey under direct light. In other words it seems to be close enough to real one. I like smaller metal particles in it too. They are visible, but yet subtitle. It is not easy to photograph this colour inside by photo box. Hopefully I will get a chance to make some photos outside. May be after I finish decals.

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  1. Mate you certainly work hard for your hobby. Bummer about the paint but from the pics now it looks like the efforts have paid off.