Sunday, April 10, 2016

Fixed body paint

After close examination of paint of body parts, I've found number of bad spots and quite a bit of "orange peal". Had to sand off imperfections and ended up with paint free spots. Sanded through paint to primer. So, re-spray had to be done. Done it last night. Went with more heavier coats this time. Looks better, but I have to wait till it fully dries, before I do closer examination and make conclusions. Here are couple of photos to indicate progress.

Next step will be clear coat. Silver colour is hard to not spoil with clear coats. Not decided which one I will use yet.


  1. Looking great, what silver did you go with? I agree with clears making silver look very average.

    1. I've used special Mercedes silver from Gravity Colors

    2. Thanks Sergey..i will have to check to see if they post to OZ.