Sunday, April 10, 2016

Silver base is on

After more then a month of continued preparations, parts were finally ready for base silver coats. Had to fix and re-prime different spots on nose and main body and went through number of iterations. Sprayed silver base colour from 2 paint Zero set last night. Lots of sparks in this silver. It is not a usual silver and looks a bit strange on its own. But it is a base colour and clear red will next to get it all to final stage.

To get more consistent final red colour, I will have to pre-assemble body parts as much as I can. Otherwise, if I paint parts separately, I fear that red will might end up looking differently because of paint thickness variations on different parts.

This silver base is hard to photograph. So, here is one quick shoot to indicate progress.


  1. Great seeing some get the red going.

    1. Silver base has to dry first :) Waiting on it myself