Sunday, May 1, 2016

Red applied, but failed

Applied red last weekend, but not successfully. I guess I had to go trough my own trial and error cycle. In a bid to get even coverage, I've pre-assembled body items into pretty much full shell. It would have helped with paint consistency, but it did not make painting easier. Ended up with too many layers of red trying to cover everything. Besides had a blemish on the nose tip in very visible place. Tried to touch it up using brush and ruined paint job on the nose. Not the first time I've made this same mistake, but I keep repeating it :( Anyway all parts are in the bath of isopropyl alcohol. Will have to start from scratch again, when more Zero red paint arrives. Fortunately I've only used quarter of the silver paint from the bottle and don't have to order more of silver base.

On my next attempt I will not have to worry about running out of red paint (going to get 60ml), will go with lighter coats and will paint parts separately. On some of the parts I did end up with lighter coverage and they give me idea of what kind of coverage I will need to strive for to get proper candy effect. Basic idea is to leave red light enough to see silver underneath. We'll see how it works next time. But first I will have to get it all prepped once again.

Here are some photos from failed attempt, before stripping.

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  1. I feel your pain and am sorry to hear of the issues. I was spraying on the weekend and all was going well till I had an insect fly into the path of the paint and onto the model...not a happy camper I can tell you. The joys of medel building.