Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Clean up and test pre-assembly continue

Continued with parts clean up and test fit assembly. I can already see upper body not seating well in front. Looks like floor is bent a bit upwards in the middle. But upper body also seems to be bent downward in about middle. So, either nose section or rear section have to be pushed down to close gap. Not sure what to do about it. Never tried to bend plastic parts before.


  1. I am envious of you having this one, i am as yet to order mine. The kit looks very nice, not great it has the slight warp age to it, will you try warm water?

  2. Hi Sergey,

    Very nice start on the BT52 and thanks to take your time to explain the correct sequence of assembly the parts. I have a question: what do you use for the test fit assembly other than the very visible Tamiya tape? Thanks and best regards

    1. Nothing beside masking tape, really. Some parts are there holding on by gravity or pins.