Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lotus 97T Belgium WIP

Started Fujimi kit. Plan is to build De Angelis car from Belgium GP. I'm building it OOB with addition of bits from Studio27 PE set. Looks like this time I will be able to use almost all parts from S27 PE set. I think it's a good value for the price.

For my experience so far Fujimi kits aren't as well designed as Tamiya's. Casting and plastic quality also not as good. Fit is mostly fine, but many tabs, pins and holes have to be adjusted to make parts fit properly. Mock up pre-assemblies and test fits are a must for Fujimi kits. A lot more so then for Tamiya.

Spent quite a few hours to get to this point, but at least body panels, wings and suspension arms fit good together now. Still have number of parts related to car's turbo system to clean and test fit. I will have to fix broken arm end on upper arm of front suspension. It's a first time I see such defect in Fujimi kit. I don't see a missing piece in the box, so I assume it came like that from manufacturing plant.

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