Thursday, June 16, 2011

MP4/22 rescue build

I got tired of that putty/sand/prime cycle and decided MP4/22 body surface is good enough for me. I want to move on and finish it. I'll leave the goal of making it perfect for another project. On this attempt I've chosen to use Tamiya TS14 black as base for Alclad PA. From experiments I've done, I believe it provides as good a base as Alclad's enamel black base. It has couple of advantages though - it could be polished and it actually dries. Enamel paint don't seem to dry ever. While enamel base supposed to help Alclad paint to be more resilient to rubbing, I found Alclad holds on to TS14 pretty good too. And for MP4/22 I will be putting H30 clear and then Zero 2K clear over Alclad paint, so rubbing should not be and issue in the end.

Black reflective body probably requires different light setup for photography. My picture doesn't look that good, but it'll do for simple progress report.

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