Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MP4/5B re-build

Looks like f1m.com forum is closed for now. So, I'm going to put update on my MP4/5B re-build here. It's pretty close to completion. Just need to finish off rear wing, tires and windshied. Rear wing is attached only for mock up at present. I've modified brakes of this model. Separated and hollowed calipers, added bleed valves and connection pipes. I've used some brass bolts and nuts from my local hobby shop. First time I've tried "Blacken-it" product. It supposed to make metal parts look like anodized black. It did darken nuts somewhat, but not to the extent I wanted. Alternative would be to paint them. However painting of nuts is tricky and my attempt failed. Paint was simply too thick and affected nut threads, so they stopped working. When I tried to thread them, paint chipped. So, I guess I will live with current color this time.

Wheels are all out of alignment, most likely because of modifications I've done to brakes. I've used Tamiya acrylic paint for hubs and it shows. Will use TS paints via airbrush next time to get cleaner finish. I've had no luck so far with those acrylic paints.

Anyway, result is again isn't as clean as I would want, but will look OK from feet or two viewing distance. I love the look of this car and glad it is back on my shelf. Next time I plan to build this kit detailed and cleaner into model of Senna's car. Have 2 Perfect Parts detail sets to make it as detailed as I want.

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