Friday, June 17, 2011

MP4/22 rescue build

Sprayed Alclad PA onto the body yesterday night. Weird thing happened. I saw some lighter spots on the body and tried to remove them with cotton swab while paint wasn't fully dry. Overall surface was looking bad as if some paint over spay was applied to it. But as soon as I've started "polishing" it with cotton swab, it started to remove "over spray" and brighter shinier surface started to emerge from under it. I've "polished" entire surface of the body with number of cotton swabs. And it looks a lot better now. Is seems that swabs removed some of the paint and made something like polishing effect. I wonder if that result of different black base - TS14. People were saying that Alclad paint would rub off if Alclad's black enamel base isn't used. But in my case only some paint was removed by cotton swabs and plenty of paint remained to make a nice shinny reflective surface. I've made couple of pictures, but again it's hard to capture that shade with photos.

I'm satisfied with result and plan to protect it with Gunze H30 acrylic clear next. From all my experiments, that's the only clear which does not affect Alclad PA finish much. Then I plan to paint some black spots and decals will be next.

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