Friday, December 11, 2015

F2008 Brazil Kimi started

Started my discovery pre-test fit assembly for recently acquired MFH F2008 kit. Because of the complexity of this kit, I need to do an extra pre-test fit assembly, basically to figure out where parts go and how kit goes together in general. Next I will start actual test fit assembly, when I'd be drilling holes, cleaning up parts and even gluing some together as needed. Main concern at present is to work out an assembly sequence that will allow me to glue as much parts together as possible before painting. I also need to figure out where there are actual seems on real car and where I need to putty in seems non existent on real car.

Real car was very sophisticated and refined and model reflects it. It has quite a high number of parts for curbside kit and assembly looks quite complex. Interconnection of different parts is tricky as well.

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  1. You are a machine many builds on the go at once...Are you sure there are enough parts to this one??? :-)