Sunday, December 13, 2015

Test fit assembly continues

After fit of diffuser parts and rear crash structure was improved best I could do it, I continued with body panels. Fit is not perfect and I intend to improve it a bit, but it is actually pretty good. I was a bit surprised on how well engineered kit is, but it is MFH kit, so somewhat expected. After Studio27's kits, this one feels much better. Next area I've tackled was nose. Again after a bit of sanding and trimming, parts fitted well. I will have to sand more to eliminate small steps, but it'll be done after I glue parts together. Also worked on fit of the middle bottom section. Some trimming helped there as well. For the moment nothing is glued yet, all is mocked up with use of Tamiya masking tape. It looks a bit weird with all different materials and tape on the parts. When primer will go on, its beautiful (imho) shape will start to show.

PS: I happened to have F60 model seating beside my photo booth and when I glanced over, it looked like there is some family resemblance. But another strange thought crossed my mind - why Tamiya decided to do not very successful F60 and passed on quite successful and imho more beautiful F2008. Go figure.

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