Wednesday, December 16, 2015

More test assembly steps

Continued test assembly last night. Tested wings and then turned to suspension. Alignment seems to be reasonable out of the box, however adjustments will be required. It is kind of back to MM land territory, where fit is not ideal. I am a bit puzzled with approach to rear wing assembly. While there are small tabs to help align parts, there are no pins to guide them. Also it looks like side flaps will have to be adjusted to allow a winglet at the rear of engine cover seat properly. As I've said - back to MM world where things don't fit and align that well.

For ride height check I've used Fujimi tires. Didn't want to risk destroying nicely printed logos on MFH tires. Fujimi tires are not 100% correct, but gave me ability to get rough ideas about suspension alignment and ride height.

One thing that bothers me a bit is the narrower track width at the front. From my past experience of building models of modern cars, usually track width at the front was the same or wider then that on the back. I wonder if it was something specific for that year or for this car.

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  1. Coming together slowly....I do love a good test fit. Very nice looking model.