Monday, May 21, 2012

Back to primer again

I have managed to damage paint on MP4/25's body again. Tried to polish out imperfections in clear coat, which run a bit on me, I went through down to black paint. Then tried to touch up and only made things worse. I could not stand the damage and paint is stripped from the body once again. This time even base black coat got damaged, so plan is go back to primer and do proper preparations of body's surface 3rd time. I think that would be 3rd attempt to paint is, but not 100% sure. I think 3rd attempt kind of worked for MP4/22, so hopefully it'll be last for MP4/25 as well.

Original damage was quite small. Here it is just on the edge behind lower suspension arm.

And here is how it looked after attempt to fix that damage.

And here is how it looks now. Familiar view, isn't it ? Well, for me anyway.

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