Saturday, May 12, 2012

F10 Japanese GP Alonso

I bit more work on F10 model. I've assembled exhaust pipes. Fujimi is using small tabs for alignment of parts here, same as on 97T. This approach does not guarantee good final result, because tabs allow for quite a bit of play and to glue parts properly aligned I have to find a way to simulate final position of parts, while they are been glued. I figured a way for 97T. But for F10 I don't see a good way. I've just coarsely aligned exhausts, engine and floor, while glueing exhaust parts together. I think there will be some gaps between exhaust and engine in the end, but I don't see a way to have perfect alignment done. Hopefully gaps will be small and not very visible.

Next, I've closed up rear brake ducts with small pieces of styrene sheet and filled up back of oil tank with epoxy putty.

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