Monday, May 7, 2012

Real Macro

I've got myself real Macro lens. I can capture quite small details with it as well as flaws on my models, I was not able to capture before. First few shots below show what kind of detail I could capture with real Macro lens. My current setup of light box and tripod does not allow me to get close to subject. I have to figure out how to change it, so I could capture even smaller details. Last 2 shots show what kind of flaws my models have in reality. They are quite hard to capture without Macro lens and proper lighting. Good thing is - they also hard to see in real life, unless you look at specific spot under high magnification. And they also not show well on generic photos.

I need to learn more about this new lens, figure out best settings for my set of lights and change setup to allow me get closer to subjects and capture even smaller details. We'll be playing more with it soon.

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