Thursday, May 10, 2012

Monopost MP4/25 WIP

MP4/25 went full cycle of painting again. This time I've used Alclad HPA and Alclad Aqua Clear. I've run out of Mirrachrome, so was forced to substitute it with Alclad HPA. It's very close in shade, imho. Aqua Clear preserved shine quite well. It dried OK, compare to Alclad Klear, which refused to dry even after 5 months waiting. It was time to start CF decals application. I've started with under nose area. Used 5 pieces to cover it. I'm satisfied with result. CF pattern is a bit to big for that area, as reference pictures show very fine pattern there. But I did not have smaller scale decals, so vent with 1/24 scale ones. I think it'll look acceptable when finished.

I've used Macro lens to do first three close ups and my standard zoom lens to do last shot.

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