Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Masking exercise

Another masking exercise was needed for RB7 build. I had to mask out all the main body to paint semi-gloss black on its bottom and on the nose. Plan is to cover these areas with CF decals later. I felt SG background was required. It takes quite a bit of time and is not my favorite part of any build for sure. But it has to be done, because I don't seen any alternative sequence of applying paint layer to achieve results I want.

I could only imagine how much more time is required to mask and paint real car. For sure much more involving and time consuming task I can hardly comprehend.

And here is the result. Looks ok, but not perfect. Some lines aren't as clear as I'd want. Hopefully I will be able to fix them while applying CF. Another daunting task, which however adds a lot to final appearance of the model.

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